Monday, March 14, 2011

Top Ten Adjustments for the HIV+ Yuppie

How has my life changed since I discovered I was postive?

Here are the top ten things off the top of my head.

1. You get more scared when having your annual physical exam at work. You dunno what to say when the doctor asks you, "Iho, may mga sakit ka ba?"

2. You choose a job that will allow you to visit your doctor. Luckily, my schedule is flexible and yes, I can work from home. So I never have to call in sick when I have to go on my monthly check up.

3. You have to have extra cash all the time. My lab exams do not come free. And your HMO won't cover these.

4. You think twice if you will go to your HMO clinic when you feel sick. Yup, they might link it to HIV and there goes your health coverage.

5. You don't breathe in the elevator. This is exaggerated but I seriously have mastered the art of not breathing when I hear someone cough.

6. You start calculating and dreaming about your retirement fund. And at the same time, you wonder if it's gonna help you get through the ordeal in case you get really, really sick.

7. You google which countries you can still work in. And you also google countries which may ban those who are HIV+. So you know that Malaysia and Singapore may be off limits, unless they do not see your ARVs tucked between your shirts in your luggage.

8. You do not know how to fill out a life insurance application form. You are caught in a dilemma between lying about HIV and getting charged with misrepresentation or concealment.

9. You think people in the office are too shallow. They complain about coughs, cold, and every possible ache and pain. And you find it unfair they go on sick leave all the time, when you are the one who's really sick.

10. You pray for a cure everyday, so you can keep your job and you can keep on working. There's noting wrong with being hopeful eh? But at the same time, you still are in touch with the truth.