Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For a lot of pozzies, they always remember THE date. Their anniversary. The day they found out their lives were gonna change forever. In my case, it slipped my mind. About a year and two weeks ago, I got my confirmatory results. Was it my stupidity or just life went on for me?

Being positive can sometimes define you. You are no longer the same old guy, the sweet son, the crazy friend, the unpredictable partner. Sometimes, your condition can just dictate you to be an HIV positive guy. Your world stops. And you box yourself as just that.

But there really is more to life than sulking. A year passed and I hardly got sick. I so wanna curse my colleagues who would just file three days of sick leave because of coughs and colds. Now, if you define what sick is, then that's them, not me. I never abused my sick leaves, I ate healthier, cut down on vices, took more vitamins and really, really tried not to stress out on the inconsequential stuff, especially at work.

I guess I didn't let my being positive define me. I'm still the same old guy,only older; the same sweet son, only sweeter; the same crazy friend, only crazier, and of course, the same unpredictable partner, only this time with a bigger bag of tricks.